Professional and Reliable Phoenix Pest Control Company

As the bed bug problem in the Phoenix area continues to grow, more concerned residents are turning to a true Phoenix pest control professional. Not only do we utilize the most state of the art technologies to treat the problem, we only use organic treatments that are safe for your family and the environment. We strive to take care of your pest problem while treating your home in a more responsible manner. Where many local pest control Phoenix companies use highly toxic chemicals in their treatments, we work tirelessly to eliminate the pest problems with more cutting edge procedures.

Full Service Phoenix Pest Control
We are committed to provide you exceptional service from your initial call to the removal of pests in your home. Our highly trained pest control specialists have years of on the job training that allows us to provide exceptional one-on-one service. While many companies will overload the entry points in your home with highly toxic chemicals, we begin our treatment at the fence line with organic treatments, working from the outside to all the points in your home pests travel. Our large scope of treatment services allows our company to consistently be the pest control company of choice for Phoenix residents.

Bed Bugs and More
All of our certified technicians are highly trained at treating bed beds, but that is not the only area of expertise we possess. While you might be charged additional fees from other pest control companies to rid the home of other pests, we include a large amount of pests native to the Phoenix region in our coverage. Our team members will work tirelessly to rid your property and home of wasps, roaches, scorpions, mice, and especially those bed bugs. Once our technicians have treated your residence for these pests, rest assured knowing the problem will be taken care of.

bb-freeze-2Our Commitment to Excellence
While other companies may promise to rid your homes of pests, no one can match our dedication to that promise. If we treat your home for pests and they appear after we have completed the treatment, we will come back and address the issue. You can rest assured knowing that when this Phoenix pest control company promises to rid your home of pests, we are serious about that statement. All of our employees are dedicated to that promise, ensuring you the piece of mind you need when you feel helpless again these pests.

Eliminating Pests One Home at a Time
While we understand the Phoenix bed bug problem in this area is a growing concern, our customers have come to realize that when they have our technicians on the job, they can breathe a little easier. We are dedicated to ending this problem one home at a time, using environmentally safe products that are extremely effective at ending the problem in the home after one treatment. Local hospitals, hotels, and apartment complexes, have all come to rely on our services to get the problem of beg bug infestation under control.

If you are experiencing any issues with bugs or rodents in your home, let our pest control Phoenix professionals perform an inspection and then get to work at removing the problem quickly and efficiently. We are sure that once you try our service that you will be able to take back control of your home again.

Want to Know More About the Increasing Bed Bug Problem?
Bed bug populations have only been increasing in the Phoenix area. Issues like high traffic, clustered homes, and growing population have been largely responsible for this. If you’re interested in finding out more about why Phoenix has become such a bed bug hotbed, check out this article here “The Rise of Bed Bugs in Phoenix“.